Non-bank consolidation without the guarantee of real estate

If you are looking for non-bank consolidation of existing loans and credits, then you are right here. For example, Lite credit consolidation offers this non-bank credit merger and can save up to several thousand crowns a year.

Non-bank consolidation with real estate collateral

Non-bank consolidation

If you are a risky client, then we recommend using non-bank consolidation of loans with collateral of real estate, flat, house or another commercial object.
In this way, you can easily pay distraints, get rid of insolvency and get advantageous interest, but you have to be careful about timely and proper repayment of the loan.


The most approved payday loan

The most approved payday loan

Do you need to borrow a small loan of money and are you a problem client?
Then this loan is the right one because it has the highest number of approved applications.
The loan is up to $ 500 for 30 days

The benefits of lending to everyone

The benefits of lending to everyone


  • speed of equipment immediately without proof of receipt and without control of the register
  • money immediately to the account I or money order
  • for employees, self-employed entrepreneurs, pensioners, renters, students, etc.
  • without fraud and charge in advance
  • If you are interested, please do not hesitate to fill in the application below!


Why do you need to have us?

Why you need to have us?

Applying for a loan is quick and easy

We don’t waste time with unnecessary paperwork. Everything you can easily and conveniently through the web portal.

Maximum security of your valuables

Our security safes are awarded the most stringent certificates. Your things are absolutely safe with us.

No registration in case of non-repayment of the loan

In case of an inability to repay the loan we will meet you. You do not have to be entered in the debtors register or penalized.

Without assessing your ability to pay

We do not interfere with your privacy and do not find out what we are into. You will never have to listen to unpleasant questions from us.

No threat of execution and fine

If you cannot accidentally pay the loan, you are not subject to execution or other contractual penalties than with a normal loan.

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