How to become a bad payer and how cancellation occurs

How do you become a bad payer and what are the consequences? From a banking and financial point of view, the bad payer condition corresponds to a user who has not respected contractual commitments: from non-payment to delays.

The bad payer will be reported by the credit institution and included in particular lists concerning the credit profile of consumers. Various systems are used to keep track of bad payers: the Best Bank has introduced a risk center, but there are also other Credit Information Systems.

Once registered as a bad payer, the consumer will face many difficulties, the path to receiving a new loan is complex and in some cases it is completely precluded. This clearly applies throughout the period in which he remains on the bad payer lists.

Reporting as bad payer, when shooting

Reporting as bad payer, when shooting

How to become a bad payer: in the face of which events the report is triggered? This is expected in the event of a delay in the payment of the installment of more than two consecutive months, or if the payment of two installments has been delayed.

The lender will notify the consumer two weeks before of the impending communication to the bad payer registration systems. This is the extreme opportunity to restore your debt profile.

Data retention in SIC records

Data retention in SIC records

How long does the consumer remain in the bad pay register? In the event of a defaulting debtor for two installments, or two months, after the situation has been remedied, the information is kept for 12 months.

If, on the other hand, we are dealing with a defauling consumer for more than two installments, the information remains accessible in the registers for 24 months after their position has been remedied.

In the event of a defaulter who has not regularized his situation, the retention of information is equal to 36 months in relation to the expiry of the contract. The deletion of data takes place automatically on the basis of the due dates.

Positive data is also stored in the Credit Information Systems. These are available for 36 months from the end of the relationship.

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